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Crystal clear, turbidity-free water with the latest generation of green technology.

Privates SchwimmbadPrivately owned and used swimming pools demand both mechanical and chemical treatment in order to guarantee clean bathing fun for the users. Usually, this is executed with a sand filter (mechanical treatment) and the use of chlorine, pH-additives and flocculating agents (chemical treatment). In case of improper use, microbial contamination of water and sand may occur, and even health hazards in extreme cases.

The solution: Oxidative Water Treatment (AOP, advanced oxidation processes)!

ProtabsLIQUITECH FOM is a highly porous permanent filter granulate with an active AOP-coating, which acts oxidizing and catalytic with all substances entrained in the water.
AOP means that even solutes such as the heavy metals lead, copper and zinc, as well as iron, manganese, arsenic, etc. are converted into solids. In addition, all microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi, are eliminated by the strong oxidizing effect of the surface coating. With a filtration fineness of 2-3 microns (compared to about 50 microns with filter sand), these impurities are filtered as well as all other suspended matter, and very high filtration rates of 95-99% are achieved over the entire pH range.

The oxidizing effect of the material is refreshed in each backwashing by adding PROTABS OXY in the rinse water, thus remaining unspoiled throughout the whole service life of the filter granulate.

ProtabsPROTABS OXY release so-called Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-groups), whose strongly oxidizing effect eliminates all sorts of bacteria, legionella, algae, amoeba, fungi, protozoa and other microorganisms. PROTABS OXY with their high oxidation potential of 2.8V have a much stronger effect than most common biocides such as chlorine (1.4V), chlorine dioxide (1.5V) hydrogen peroxide (1.8V) and even ozone (2.1V). Other than almost every other biocide, PROTABS OXY leave no disinfection by-products (DBP), and have much lower corrosive side-effects on metals, plastics and sealings.

PROTABS OXY are not subject to specific labelling obligations, neutral in handling and non-toxic!

Your way to clean, pure pool water:

Exchange the filter sand in side your sand filter for LIQUITECH FOM permanent filter granulate. The PROTABS OXY - tablets are added during backwashing process only, for cleaning and refreshing the surface active material.
In order to avoid algae growth at the pool walls, low-dose adding of a disinfectant to the water is recommended.  
Wasseraufbereitung für privates Schwimmbad
Few maintenace and modest investment costs – cristal clear, unpolluted water for pure bathing pleasure.

For further information: see technical data.