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Clean, germ-free circulating water with the latest generation of green technology.

KühlturmThe concentration of hardness salts and corrosion products in the circulating water of cooling towers inevitably rises during operation. These pollutants build up sediments and deposits on tank bottom and pipelines, and scalings on mechanical or sensorical parts disturbing operation.
Additionally, any open system is contaminated with microorganisms such as bacteria and algae from the environment, who reproduce and prosper especially in system sections where they find their favored temperature, and with anorganic deposits working as 'primer' they build up persistent biofilms. The harsh biocidal chemicals commonly used for fighting biological contamination unfortunately also generate heavy corrosion in the system. On the other hand, without an effective control of microorganisms, health hazards occur not only for the staff directly involved with the cooling system - see this film piece of the 3Sat series 'nano' first released 18.07.2014 about cooling system contamination.

The solution: oxidative water treatment (AOP, advanced oxidation processes)!

Liquitech FOM FilterLIQUITECH FOM is a highly porous permanent filter granulate with an active AOP-coating, which acts oxidizing and catalytic with all substances entrained in the water.
AOP means that even solutes such as the heavy metals lead, copper and zinc, as well as iron, manganese, arsenic, etc. are converted into solids. In addition, all microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi, are eliminated by the strong oxidizing effect of the surface coating. With a filtration fineness of 2-3 microns (compared to about 50 microns with filter sand), these impurities are filtered as well as all other suspended matter, and very high filtration rates of 95-99% are achieved over the entire pH range.

The oxidizing effect of the material is refreshed in each backwashing by adding PROTABS OXY in the rinse water, thus remaining unspoiled throughout the whole service life of the filter granulate.

The green way to clean circuit water:

Cooling water must be composed in such a way as to prevent interference of heat transmission in the cooling aggregates by deposits (e.g. algae, limescale, corrosion products).  
KühlturmThe operating costs of a cooling water circuit system mainly result from
  1. Freshwater volume
  2. Wastewater volume
  3. Chemicals
  4. Maintenance costs
The chemicals commonly used for stabilisation contain environmentally harmful ingredients such as phosphonate, molybdate, chromate, nitrite, orthophosphate, and are subject to regulatory observation because they are forwarded into the wastewater with the periodical blowdown. If these substances access the permitted daily load of dangerous wastewater ingredients, the operator of the cooling system rapidly is confronted with enormous extra costs. Furthermore, cooling systems by now are considered as one main source of infections with legionella, a genus of bacteria causing heavy pneumonia when inhaled.

Do something good for your environment, and save up to 30% operation costs!

The water in the sump of the cooling tower is pumped through the LIQUITECH FOM Filter several times a day, thereby being cleaned of particulate matter and turbidity, and bacteria carried with the water flow are destroyed.
Because the AOP technique in operation always removes metal ions too, the corrosion velocity is lowered. Fresh water consumption and wastewater volume are reduced, and less chemicals are required.
Together with the periodical backwashing of the filter, which cleans and refreshes the FOM material, a blowdown of the system is carried out (for display please set the mouse cursor above the illustration on the right). By appliance of a bag filter, the pollutants are restrained from reaching the sewage system, thus providing for compliance with indirect discharge ordinance limits.

Do even more good for your environment. Abolish environmentally harmful chemicals and save up to 60% operation costs!

The fresh water used for filling up the system is lead through a SCALIMEX scale protection filter, which with its catalytic material takes forward the natural crystallisation of water hardness. The micro crystals built on the surface of the catalyst and released into the flowing water can be left there without causing any trouble, because they can no longer build up crusts and scalings on surfaces.
Additionally, the fresh water is treated with PROTABS Clean & Safe. PROTABS C&S contain the latest and most advanced polymer against deposits and biological degradable Tolyltriazole as corrosion inhibitor. Furthermore, it releases one of the best, fastestworking, non-oxidizing bactericides that can even control microorganisms existing in the pipelines, and completely decomposes during reaction without leaving any residues.
This way, a common softener, salting the system with sodium, is made redundant just as the use of environmentally harmful common biocides and corrosion inhibitors.

For detailed information on layout and dimensioning of FOM filters visit our page Technical Data.