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Cleaning wastewater with green technology: Liquitech FOM AOP-Filter

Liquitech FOMLIQUITECH FOM is a highly porous permanent filter granulate with an active AOP-coating, which acts oxidizing and catalytic on all substances entrained in the water.
AOP (advanced oxidizing processes) means that even solutes such as the heavy metals lead, copper and zinc, as well as iron, manganese, arsenic, etc. are converted into solids. Under certain conditions, even toxic organic compounds such as phenols, pesticides, solvents, diluents, oils, alcohols etc. can be digested and removed. In addition, all microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi, are eliminated by the strong oxidizing effect of the surface coating. With a filtration fineness of 2-3 microns (compared to about 50 microns with filter sand), these impurities are filtered as well as all other suspended matter, and very high filtration rates of 95-99% are achieved over the entire pH range.

The oxidizing effect of the material is refreshed in each backwashing by adding PROTABS OXY in the rinse water, thus remaining unspoiled throughout the whole service life of the filter granulate.

For detailed information on layout and dimensioning of FOM filters visit our page Technical Data.

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